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villas at king mariout

King Mariout Villas Take a walk on Villa inside Compound in King Mariout And what are the advantages of you staying inside  Villa in King Mariout Safety and security : Where the villas faces security features and safety within 24 hours and you are surrounded by the atmosphere of security and far from any noise.

spring park compound

spring park compound at king marioutt alexandria apartments at king marioutt , duplex and villas at king marioutt 120 , 120 with roof , 240 m its a high compound at king marioutt spring park at the lake of king marioutt – 5 minute drive from Borg El Arab airport. – 10 minute drive from.

Spring House Compound Alexandria

 ? what about spring house compound alexandria  its a high compound at king marioutt Spring house is a unique place where you can find the luxury and elegance to relax and enjoy the great weather all over the year, the greenery and the silver blue water. Spring House provides you with the perfect getaway. The.

Sea View

Campchezar Sea View Apartments 135 m + 130 m + 165 m + 175 m + 260 m the view of the sea Finishes Ultra Super Lux, porcelain floors, doors of Swedish Imported Wood, using the internet, a shower, a central water 4 lifts brands guffaws, a garage, security and head 24 hours. Just submitted.