villas at king mariout

villas at king mariout

King Mariout Villas

Take a walk on Villa inside Compound in King Mariout

And what are the advantages of you staying inside  Villa in King Mariout

Safety and security :

Where the villas faces security features and safety within 24 hours and you are surrounded by the atmosphere of security and far from any noise and any problems outside of compound.


The villa is inside  compound characterized by privacy 60% Buildings 40% green spaces so the villa inside the Garden of the compound independent of their own swimming pool and far from any neighbors

The Guard:

There is a 24-hour security guard for your belongings, your vehicle and everything you own in the villa and in full turn


Inside the Compound Villa to her own garage and do not face any problem regarding the corner of your vehicle.


green areas :

It is one of the most common features of accommodation within the compound.

So it is better to live in a villa faces compound at king Mariout and there are many of compound within King Mariot

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live at king mariout its the better